Waldo is 1!

Waldo is 1 today! Thank you so much for reading my story about a nerdy kid who came from the torn up part of town. Think I might make a pilgrimage there today to celebrate. 😊 And if you haven’t read this yet but want to, you can get it from your favorite indie bookstore here!


I’m happy-weepy right now because THE BROTHER WE SHARE, my what-could-have-been novel about suicide, grief, recovery, and family, is going to be published by Alien Buddha Press. I signed the contract yesterday. I’m so thankful, so happy for this and to even still be here. Wow. πŸ™β€οΈ

Incredible Feedback on The Brother We Share

A writer I admire was a beta reader for The Brother We Share, and they sent their notes last night. Said things like “pushing the boundaries of what is possible” and “still in awe.” Said the manuscript was “perhaps the most immersive and visceral thing” they’ve read in a while. 😭 So yeah, that just made my week.