Google Has Blessed Me!

Google has blessed me with a book overview thing! Perfect timing, because I’m told that my physical proof shipped on Friday. That means book glamor shots and the ebook are both coming soon! And yes, I did just follow my own book on Google.


Physical Proof Copy Is on Its Way!

Interior formatting is done, and they’re now going to mail me a physical proof copy of the book for final approval! Here’s the title page and thanks/dedication page, which is appropriate, because I’m feeling incredibly thankful right now. I’m going to hold this book in my hands soon! Huge thanks to all of you who have kept up with this project over the years and shown your support. You’re all awesome!

Back Cover Blurb!

For anyone who’s heard me talk about Here’s Waldo over the years and wanted to know more about it, here’s a blurb straight from the back cover of the book! We’re finalizing the cover right now, and on the internal side of things, editing and proofreading are done! The text is essentially “locked” now, and from here we’ve got folks figuring out the internal formatting for both print and ebook formats, along with fonts and all that good stuff. I seriously can’t say enough good things about Atmosphere Press. They’ve been fast and efficient, helpful and professional throughout the entire process. I’m literally watching a dream come true, and they’re responsible for it. I can’t wait to share this story with all of you!