God’s Honest

Come check out one of my stories that was just published by Eunoia Review!

Eunoia Review

I met a guy in September heat whose mouth wouldn’t quite close on the bicuspids he’d had rearranged in his lower jaw. Like an un-WD-40’d hinge, he’d say. I didn’t laugh with him. He put jewels on each cheek, said they’d glow when moonlight hit them. His father caught muskies and STDs and used to give a few to him. He’d ramble on about how his boss was only vaguely mammalian and do things like send postcards with nothing on them to addresses he’d dreamt of. He dreamt in addresses and vehemently corrected those who said dreamed. Said the one thing he wanted was a great big stein of O-Ke-Doke popcorn that he’d never share. Always had to share with his muskiedad as a kid.

Re: your latest inquiry into the longitudinal whereabouts of so-called lost skippers at sea and repeated insistence as to the feasibility of wharf/barge micronations off…

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As featured on Eunoia Review: “Sine Waves”

Eunoia Review just published one of my stories, and five more are on the way! I’ll be posting the other five as they come out in the next few days. The teaser:

You see me scraping off newspaper gunk and watching you through the holes I punched in the classifieds and you make that snort that’s meant to appease me and I say I could sit here right now and transfigure to something like eternity because we’re all made of stars and if someone thinks something hard enough they can make it happen…

Click here to read the rest of the story on Eunoia Review’s site! I’ve been reading and enjoying Eunoia Review for so long, so this feels like a dream come true. Thanks, as always, for your reads and shares!