Incredible Feedback on The Brother We Share

A writer I admire was a beta reader for The Brother We Share, and they sent their notes last night. Said things like “pushing the boundaries of what is possible” and “still in awe.” Said the manuscript was “perhaps the most immersive and visceral thing” they’ve read in a while. 😭 So yeah, that just made my week.

Micro Podcast Appearance!

Could not be more stoked to share this! I’m a huge fan of Micro, one of my favorite podcasts, listen to it every week, and I can now say that I’ve been on the show! Today’s episode is basically Halloween in May, and I’ve got a spooky little dystopian micro for you guys. Huge thanks again to Mallory Smart over at Maudlin House for picking this one up in the first place! It’s time for SPOOKS.

Sledgehammer Lit Love!

Woke up to a super kind acceptance from J. Archer Avary over at Sledgehammer Lit! This is a flash, but it’s also a straight up excerpt from The Brother We Share, so this feels especially fantastic. Encouraging to see that this story is already resonating. This piece drops 6/14!

Complete Sentence Love!

So stoked about the acceptance I just got from Jason Thayer over at Complete Sentence, accepted 28 minutes after I submitted! 😱 I seriously can’t wait to share my single sentence queer flash “All the Haircuts You Used to Have” with all of you. 😊

Big milestone on the next book!

The Brother We Share is done and ready for beta readers! This was my pandemic project, and Harmony & I are getting our second shots tomorrow, so this feels right. I’m so happy to be here. This is for the stories that almost ended, the semicolons where there could’ve been periods.